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Wonderful Thai Ingredients To Look For At Asian Fusion Restaurants In Auckland

Updated: 14 hours ago

Asian fusion is a wonderful style of cooking that mixes traditional Asian cuisine, ingredients and cooking techniques with western influences. One of the best things about Asian fusion is the inclusion of delicious, authentic ingredients from different parts of Asia. Some of the best ingredients you’ll find at Asian fusion restaurants in Auckland, like SOHO Thai Kitchen are delicious Thai flavours that will make your mouth water.


Chillies are a key ingredient in Thai cuisine. Chillies are used for seasoning or as a condiment and are an essential component of any curry paste. There are a wide variety of chillies used in Thai cuisine, each with a unique flavour profile and level of heat. Try our Thai Style Chilli Crab for a meal that packs a flavourful punch.

Dried Shrimp

Dried shrimp are both crunchy and chewy and add a unique umami flavour to any dish. Shrimp are sun-dried until they shrink to a tiny size before being used as an essential seasoning in many Asian dishes. Try this unique ingredient in our Pad Thai King Prawn & Chicken.


For many people, coconut is a standout ingredient when thinking about Thai cuisine. Coconut’s unique flavour and cooling properties balance spicey Thai dishes and freshen up salads. Pay us a visit and order our Vegetarian Mee Ka Tee for that coconut taste.


Tamarind is a pod fruit that is sour, sweet and tangy. It brings a uniquely complex flavour and can be used to finish off curries, and soups or as a tenderising marinade for meats. Our Crispy Pork Belly is served with a mouthwatering apple and tamarind puree and is the perfect introduction to this flavourful ingredient.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is a well-known and essential ingredient in just about every style of Asian cooking. There are different sauces used, sweet, light and dark, each with its own flavour. Order our Pork Croquettes with sweet dark soy sauce to try out salty, rich soy sauce at its finest.

Have you been looking for the best Asian fusion restaurants in Auckland? SOHO Thai Kitchen has the best Asian fusion food you could ever find. Whether you’re a long-standing lover of Thai or are interested in trying out new and interesting food. Our dishes are made with the very best ingredients and prepared by talented chefs. Head over to our website to check to book your table.

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