What Makes Thai Food Special And Unique?

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There are many different types of Asian foods. Everybody knows Chinese food. Then there is also Japanese food and Indonesian food, and many more variations.

However, one of the most interesting and unique types of Asian foods, and one of the most famous, is Thai cuisine. Thai cuisine stands out amongst all other types of cuisine owing to a handful of unique factors that make it special.

Here at SOHO Thai Kitchen, we specialise in Thai cuisine while putting our unique spin on it. Our Thai fusion food is some of the most delicious and original Thai cuisine-based foods you will get in Auckland.

With that in mind, let us take a look at what makes Thai cuisine special and unique and why we love it so much that we have decided to base our fusion restaurant on it.

Communal Eating

One of the things that make Thai food unique is the way that the dishes are designed. In most other types of cuisines, you will get a starter, the main course and a dessert.

However, in Thai cuisine, it is more common to have the meal be made up of several smaller dishes that are shared among those at the table. This makes for a more social experience and a more varied meal.

When you eat Thai food, you are much less likely to grow tired of the food because there are so many different dishes to choose from at one table.

Spicy, Sweet And Healthy

Thai cuisine makes frequent use of a variety of intense spices that greatly enhance the flavours of the food. These spices add some heat to the dishes, giving them their telltale bite.

However, unlike many other Asian foods, Thai food often incorporates a unique kind of sweetness that is not commonplace in other cuisines.

While Thai food often uses curry, it is vastly different in flavour from typical Indian curries. Thai food commonly uses coconut milk as a base for the curry, giving it its own identity. Seafood is also often used, which further differentiates it from Indian cuisine.

Moreover, Thai food uses fresh and healthy ingredients, including various fruits and vegetables. This makes the cuisine not only delicious but good for you as well.

In short, you can't go wrong with Thai food.

Come and eat at our Thai fusion restaurant and experience the best Thai cuisine in Auckland. Call us now to make a booking or order takeaway!

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