Unique Thai Cocktails You Need To Try

Updated: Nov 24

Whether you come to Soho Thai Kitchen for the delicious Thai fusion cuisine or for a signature Thai cocktail, you know you’re in for a treat. We have a number of great and unique cocktails on our menu - each one as exotic and lovingly crafted as our food items.

Here is a quick look at three of our customers’ favourites that will have you yearning for a yummy drink.

Song Karn

The Song Karn is a fresh delight that sparkles in the mouth. It's a true joy to cool off with this drink on hot summer evenings. This simple little cocktail is made from our house lemongrass vodka infusion, giving the liquor a citrus zing. To further accentuate this, we add a slice of fresh lime and a splash of sweet Pondan syrup to counter the bite.

To top it off, a splash of soda makes the sweet and zesty citrus-infused vodka come alive with sparkles, resulting in a highly refreshing drink.

Yen Jai

The Yen Jai is also a refreshing and exotic cocktail, built on a base of quality white rum mixed with a butterfly pea flower vodka infusion.

We add a bit of Yuzu liqueur to the mix, which has a strong citrus flavour akin to mandarin, with hints of grapefruit. This tart and sour liqueur is balanced by its sweetness.

To top it off, a Maraschino cherry adds an element of fun and sweetness to this cheeky drink.

Mr Thong Dang

Our Mr Thong Dang cocktail is a sweet drink but it packs a punch.

High-end Derrumbes Mezcal - sometimes spelt mescal - serves as a base in this drink and is an alcoholic beverage that has been distilled from agave. Tequila is a type of mezcal, much like bourbon and scotch are both types of whiskey.

The mezcal is then mixed with Chambord, a raspberry-flavoured liqueur that is deep purple in colour. The semi-sweet Chambord is known for being rich and fruity in flavour.

A splash of sweet Rosella syrup sweetens the deal and adds more colour, while a splash of lime juice finishes off the drink by counteracting some of the sweetness and balancing the flavour palette.

If you’re craving a cocktail after our delicious descriptions, enjoy a delicious Thai cocktail and sample some of our thai fusion cuisine by booking a table now!

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