Signs That The Thai Food You’re Eating Is Authentic

Updated: Aug 30

Thai restaurants exist all over the world, including Auckland! There are a few different types of Thai eateries and restaurants. Some serve authentic Thai food, while others offer Asian fusion dishes or modern Thai dishes. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ type of Thai dish, but it is interesting to note what aspects are traditionally and authentically Thai and which aren’t.

If you’ve never visited Thailand, there is a good chance that you have no idea what authentic Thai food looks and tastes like. So in this article, we’ll provide you with a few signs that the Thai food you are eating is authentic.

The Menu Is Small/ Seasonal And Only Focuses On Thai Food

Yes, there are dozens and dozens of authentic Thai dishes, but when visiting a Thai restaurant in Auckland, it is usually an indication of authenticity if the menu is small and seasonal as this usually means that the restaurant focuses on quality over quantity. It is also a bonus if the restaurant focuses exclusively on Thai food.

The Chef Is Thai Or Has Spent Time In Thailand

If the chef at the Thai restaurant where you get your Thai food is either Thai or has spent extensive time in Thailand, you can expect to experience authentic flavours. Authentic Thai cooking can only truly be experienced in its home country.

Spring Rolls Aren’t Made With Rice Paper

In many other Asian countries, spring rolls are made using rice paper. But authentically Thai spring rolls are made by using a wheat-based wrapper.

Thai Food Does Not Make Use Of Chopsticks

Chopsticks are prevalent all over Asia, and Thai food can be eaten with chopsticks. In fact, many Thai restaurants will provide you with chopsticks. But traditionally, Thai food is eaten with forks and spoons instead.

What Is Moden Thai Food?

Modern Thai food consists of dishes that take inspiration from authentic Thai cuisine and put modern spins on these dishes to make them unique to the restaurant. While dishes may not be 100% traditional, you can expect them to be interesting and delicious.

Are you looking for a great Thai restaurant in Auckland? Here at SOHO Thai Kitchen, we offer a carefully cultivated combination of modern Thai food and authentic Thai dishes. We aim to provide you with tasty, healthy and innovative meals. Please feel free to make a booking with us or call for a takeaway.

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