Beat The Cold With Thai Fusion In Auckland

Updated: Aug 1

Did you know that the kind of food you eat can affect your body temperature? When you’re feeling the winter chill, eating certain types of foods can help raise your body temperature, especially when you feel like you can’t shake the cold. Thai fusion food contains many of the ingredients that help warm you up. At SOHO Thai Kitchen, we serve some of the best Thai fusion food in Auckland to help you beat the cold.

Foods that warm you up are typically foods that cause thermogenesis within your body by taking longer to digest. As your body works, it produces body heat as it metabolises the food. Foods with healthy fats, carbohydrates and proteins are the kinds of food to look for when you’re looking to get warmer. Additionally, eating spicy foods like chillies will stimulate your body, increasing circulation and raising your body temperature.


Ginger is known to be excellent for your digestive health and also can help stimulate thermogenesis. Ginger is also a diaphoretic, helping your body keep warm from the inside out. At SOHO Thai Kitchen, we love using ginger as an ingredient in many dishes, including our Kumara Cakes with pickled radish, ginger and coconut tamarind dressing.

Red Meat

Red meat like lamb, pork or beef is packed with iron, an important mineral that carries oxygen throughout your body. People with low iron often describe having cold hands and feet. SOHO Thai Kitchen offers plenty of iron-rich dishes, such as our delicious pork croquettes with coriander chimichurri and cucumber pickles.


Spicy foods like chillies can stimulate digestion, increase circulation and warm up your body. Of course, it’s unwise to eat food that is too spicy to be palatable for you, so eat with caution. One of SOHO Thai Kitchen’s spicy delights includes our Spicy Squid with chilli and lime salt, chilli oil and sweet tamarind dressing.


Peanuts are full of vitamin B3. B3 helps to regulate your body’s blood flow which helps keep your body temperature up. Find peanut-laden dishes at SOHO Thai Kitchen, such as our scrumptious Pad Thai King Prawn & Chicken with bean curd, peanuts and chives.

If you’re looking for the best Thai fusion in Auckland to food to beat the cold, visit SOHO Thai Kitchen! Head over to our website to check out our food and takeaway menu, our signature cocktails or to book your table.

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