4 Classic Thai Street Food Dishes That You Need to Try

Updated: Aug 12

There is nothing better than a classic Thai dinner when you are looking for something satisfying, tasty and nutritious.

Thai street food has become exceptionally popular throughout the world and is a healthy and quick dinner option. Street food meals aim to be easy to eat as you take a stroll through the neighbourhood. So whether you are looking to get a takeaway or sit down and eat, here are four classic Thai street food dishes that you just have to try!

Pad Thai Tofu

Pad Thai is a classic Thai dish made of stir-fried rice or noodles. The Pad Thai tofu dish on offer at SOHO Thai Kitchen is made with delicious, authentic tofu as well as seasonal vegetables, bean curd, peanuts, chives and egg. This is a fantastic option for vegetarians and offers all of the classic Thai flavours.

Drunken Beef Sirloin Noodles

Drunken beef sirloin noodles are definitely a Thai favourite for many people and one of the most popular street food options we offer here at SOHO Thai Kitchen. When you order this dish, you’ll enjoy fresh rice noodles with holy basil, bok choy, pickled peppercorn, fresh herbs and strips of beef sirloin, of course. This mouth-watering dish will give you the Thai experience you’ve been looking for.

Pad Thai King Prawn & Chicken

We have already discussed Pad Thai and how it is a true, authentic Thai dish. But if you want a meatier option than Pad Thai tofu, you should definitely try our Pad Thai King Prawn & Chicken. The mixing of chicken and seafood is very common in Thai cooking, and along with the meaty elements, this dish comes with bean curd, peanuts, chives, eggs and dry shrimp. Simply delicious!

Thai “ Railway” Fried Rice Chicken

Fried rice and chicken are two staple ingredients for Thai cooking, and egg-fried rice is one of the most delicious ways to enjoy this healthy carbohydrate. This meal is made with 24 cherry tomatoes, bok choy (another Thai staple) and red onion. This meal is easy to eat and absolutely mouth-watering. You’ll certainly be back for more.

Are you looking for an authentic yet modern Thai dinner street food experience in Takapuna? Here at SOHO Thai Kitchen, we offer delicious Thai meals for takeaway or for sit down. Feel free to look at our online menu, or call us to make a booking on 021 263 7732.

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