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Asian Fusion

Experience The Best Asian Fusion In Auckland

Our SOHO Thai Kitchen is located in Takapuna, Auckland and boasts some of the most delicious Asian food around.


Come dine at our atmospheric restaurant or order delicious takeaways to enjoy at home. Whatever your choice, you can’t possibly choose better food or a more authentic Asian experience in Auckland.


What Is Asian Fusion?

Asian fusion is an innovative kind of cuisine that takes the best of traditional Asian recipes, ingredients and dishes and then combines them with other kinds of foods to forge something modern, fresh, unique and creative.

Asian fusion requires a deep and expert knowledge of traditional Asian cuisine so that it can be transformed, modified, experimented with and enhanced so that new and innovative creations can grace the plate.

Expert Chefs


We at SOHO Thai Kitchen are Asian food experts with a particular love for Thai food, which means that we know how to take the best of Asian cuisine and create new and exciting dishes that expand the boundaries of what is possible with Asian food.

Our expert chefs are some of the best in the business and are not only capable of producing the best Asian foods but can enhance them with astounding creativity and boldness that will be sure to delight your taste buds.


Eat In Or Take Out?


Come and enjoy your meal at our restaurant to get the full experience. Meet our friendly wait staff and enjoy the unique atmosphere as we serve you our delightful Asian fusion creations that will have you coming back for more.

If you would rather enjoy our food at home, then our takeout service is fast and efficient. Simply call us or make your order online so we can get your food ready in no time.


While we recommend that you eat in so that you can enjoy the full experience, our take-out dishes are made with the same level of care and attention to detail, so your taste buds won’t miss out!


Book a table or order your takeout now!


Contact Us

Smales Farm, 72 Taharoto Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622


Phone: 09 972 2711

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